Lisa Mikkelson

Certified Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Crystal Master, Ordained Minister

Mikkelson Meta Center


A peaceful, healing studio for Reiki, Crystal Healing, Spirit Readings and Divination.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on of hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" or "ki" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.

Crystal Healing

Crystal therapy is an ancient healing system in which gemstones, crystals and other stones are placed on the body, worn on the body, or otherwise used to protect against physical, spiritual, and emotional  disease. The seven chakras are used as a guide for the placement of stones and also to determine which crystals or stones will benefit your current issues or symptoms.

Reiki and Crystal Healing are a good addition to current medical treatment and are not to be used alone. If you have a serious medical condition, in most cases you will be refused treatment if you are not also under the care of a medical professional. Please discuss your options with me. 


Spirit Readings

Do you have a loved one that has passed on? Have questions or issues concerning them that you would like help with? As an Evidential Medium I can help you make the connection and take it a step further providing evidence that your loved one is present. 



Through the use of a pendulum or Tarot cards I can help you sort through decisions that you're trying to make. If you're feeling stuck, this might be a good option. I don't tell you what to do, I help you make your own decision. 

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